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Picture of Chapeltown ‘unbiased’

Paradise Lost, BBC2
Yorkshire Evening Post

A BBC programme portraying urban decay in Chapeltown, Leeds, received a mixed reaction in the area today.

City“, a 35-minute documentary on BBC 2 last night gave an extreme impression of life in the suburb, said a senior community relations officer.

However, he praised the prominence given to the pupils at Harehills Middle School rehearsing for their production of Paradise Lost.

Insp. Tom Tate, Community affairs inspector for Chapeltown said: “Overall, it showed part of life in Chapeltown and it certainly wasn’t biased.”

The Rev. Kenneth Glendinning, a community relations officer with the Leeds Council for Community relations, claimed many of the street scenes had been filmed in Harehills.

“They were telling, but did paint a very dreary picture,” he said.

Mr. Glendinning said back-to-back houses no longer existed in Chapeltown.

“They could have turned the cameras round to show the new houses, although I appreciate this was not the theme of the programme. The family were not untypical of the area,” he added.

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