TV probe into farming drugs use

Manchester Evening News

The extensive use of drugs on British farms could pose a serious threat to public health through a build up of salmonella infection, according to a TV programme this week. This and other findings linked to the alleged “indiscriminate” use of drugs in livestock farming were powerfully spelled out in a BBC documentary – a programme shrouded in controversy even before its transmission. The fist in BBC-2’s new series “Brass Tacks,” it set out to investigate the connections between a rapid build up over the last few years of salmonella virus in meat and the use of certain antibiotics


Daily Mirror

A picture of a pig has got Britain’s farmers snorting with fury. It appears on the cover of the Radio Times‘ current issue with the caption: “Health warning: Meat and poultry may seriously affect your health.” The cover highlights tomorrow evening’s BBC-2 programme “Brass Tacks” which takes a critical look at meat production. And it was slammed as alarmist yesterday by the Meat and Livestock Commission. Chairman Wally Johnstone has sent a protest letter expressing “anger and concern” to the BBC Director General Ian Threthowan

Fury at Radio Times pig

Daily Mail

A COMBINED TV and radio programme on the use of drugs on farm animals has upset farmers and butchers even before it goes out. They are furious over the front cover of this week’s Radio Times which has a picture of a pig and the caption: ‘Health warning: Meat and poultry may seriously affect your health.’ Farmers and butchers have complained to the BBC’s Director General, Mr Ian Trethowan and Radio Times Editor Mr Geoffrey Cannon