Animal production and public health: TV programme looks at “risks”

The Veterinary Record

More than 20 veterinary surgeons took part in radio ‘phone-in programmes throughout the country after the screening of BBC’s controversial programme Brass Tacks on May 8. The programme looked at modern intensive methods of animal production and the potential risk to public health. The programme asked whether it was time to tighten the rules on use of antibiotics even more than the regulations made following the Swann Report 10 years ago which had shown

Down to Brass Tacks

The Veterinary Record

There is always a danger in producing what is considered to be “good television”, particularly on a scientific subject, that some of the more mundane yet pertinent facts will be ignored. That was the case in the BBC2 programme Brass Tacks, broadcast on May 8. The programme looked at modern methods of intensive animal husbandry and the potential risk to the public health from antibiotics and other medicinal substances,. But as was inevitable given the type of presentation, a number of issues were raised that were not satisfactorily answered