Fury at Radio Times pig

Daily Mail


A COMBINED TV and radio programme on the use of drugs on farm animals has upset farmers and butchers even before it goes out.

They are furious over the front cover of this week’s Radio Times which has a picture of a pig and the caption: ‘Health warning: Meat and poultry may seriously affect your health.’

They are to make sure that their views are aired during a phone-in on 20 local radio stations which will follow the first programme on the subject on BBC 2’s Brass Tacks tomorrow night.

The argument will be rounded off on BBC 2’s Return Call next Monday.

Farmers and butchers have complained to the BBC’s Director General, Mr Ian Trethowan and Radio Times Editor Mr Geoffrey Cannon.

Mr Wally Johnstone, chairman of the Statutory Meat and Live-Stock Commission, said yesterday that the Radio Times cover in the style of government warnings on cigarette packets was ‘damaging, misleading and entirely without foundation.’

Daily Mail
7 May 1979

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