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News at Six, 22 & 24 July 2014
Lack of due accuracy, impartiality and prominence

Full Complaint:

The 4th item on the News at Six on Thursday 24 July was the announcement that the IMF  had raised its UK growth forecast “by almost half a percentage point”.

In contrast, the ONS announcement 2 days earlier on Tuesday 22 July, that the June deficit was 50% higher than last year, was not given equivalent due prominence and weight on that evening’s News at Six.

The ONS statistic is many times more significant than the IMF‘s for reasons which the 1,500 character limit prevents me from listing here.

If a focus group were to view Tuesday’s and Thursday’s News at Six programmes side-by-side and asked which of the two statistics was given the most prominence I suspect most would choose the IMF.

If they were asked what impression the two bulletins gave, that either:

  1. austerity was working or
  2. it was doing the opposite of what it was supposed to do

I suspect most would choose 1.

If those predictions were correct it would prove that the BBC has breached both the spirit and letter of the following Editorial Guidelines on accuracy, impartiality and due prominence: 3.4.21, 4.4.12, 4.4.13, 14.4.4

To test this please supply either the video, audio or transcripts of the two programmes.

Please note: I wish all correspondence on this issue to be open and transparent to public scrutiny and hereby give notice that any correspondence from the BBC must be subject to that understanding.


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