News at Six Complaint Stage 1: BBC Response 4

Case number CAS-2854164-81M5MF.

We are sorry that you were not satisfied with our earlier response to your complaint and appreciate that you felt strongly enough to contact us again about the matter.

This is an automated email to confirm we received your complaint. Please do not reply to this email since it is generated from an unmonitored address. If you believe you have received this in error please contact us using our webform at and quoting any reference number we have provided.

News at Six Complaint Stage 1: Viewer Response 2

Reference: CAS-2832936-Y1CMD4

Thank you for your email of 06/08/2014. Video, audio or transcripts are no longer necessary as your email confirms the ONS statistics were given zero prominence or weight on the ‘News at Six’ on the day of their announcement (22 July 2014).

I would argue that the ONS announcement is due greater prominence than the IMF’s for the following reasons:

The ONS statistic is a statement of hard scientific fact. The IMF’s forecast is an estimate, opinion or guess.

News at Six Complaint Stage 1: BBC Response 3

Reference CAS-2832936-Y1CMD4.

Thanks for contacting us regarding ‘BBC News at Six’ on BBC One.

We note you felt we didn’t give equivalent due prominence and weight to two reports on our 22 July and 24 July programmes.

You of course kindly provided the transmission dates of 22 and 24 July. However, having reviewed both programmes only the 24 July programme contains the report you refer to. The fourth story on 22 July’s programme was the London summit on Female Genital Mutilation. There is no report on ONS figures in this edition of the programme.