News at Six Complaint Stage 2: Viewer Response 6

Subject: Re: Editorial Complaints Unit Email (12 Dec)#2
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2014 17:01:13 +0000
From: Ian McNulty
To: Colin Tregear <>

Dear Mr Tregear,

Thank you for clarifying the editorial discretion issue and explaining the limitations of the terms of reference of the ECU.

It’s interesting that all the Stage 1 responses I’ve received on this and other issues seek to redefine any specific issue in terms of the total BBC output over time, which is exactly what the ECU’s terms of reference prevent it from dealing with at Stage 2. This would appear to be a clear-cut case of two stools deliberately engineered for complaints to fall between, but that’s the subject for another complaint at another time.

My original complaint from the outset dealt with more than one specific broadcast item. If the ECU is unable to deal with more than one item at a time then clearly the complaint would need to be addressed elsewhere. Where exactly that should be is a matter for the BBC to decide, not me. Whoever the BBC wants to address it is OK with me, just as long as it gets addressed.

Yours sincerely,

Ian McNulty


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