News at Six Complaint Stage 2: Viewer Response 9

Subject: Re: News at Six, 22 & 24 July 2014
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2014 12:34:43 +0000
To: James Harding Complaints <>

Dear Mr Balen,

Thank you for your further reply.

Funny how the wrong sentence can mysteriously appear in bold without anyone being responsible. No matter. This is the least of the things I complained about.

More importantly, Editorial Guideline 4.4.26 on Impartiality Over Time clearly states that:

“When dealing with ‘major matters’, due impartiality cannot normally be achieved over time”

As Head of Editorial Standards, BBC News you can no doubt explain why this BBC Guideline does not apply to the announcement of official monthly deficit figures in a period of austerity in the year running up to a general election, where economic policy for dealing with the deficit and debt is likely be a major issue.

I await your judgement on this matter before proceeding with a request for appeal to the BBC Trust.

Yours sincerely

Ian McNulty


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