London Electricity plc Compulsory Share Purchase

London Electricity plc Compulsory Share Purchase

Compulsory Purchase of London Electricity plc shares by Entergy Power UK plc

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  1. Hello David, Did you ever find out how to claim these shares or the funds? I have also just come across a share certificate for 100 shares which, if they were worth 705p, adds up to a sizeable amount. Possibly the best investment I have ever made … except I can’t get hold of it! I would appreciate if you could let me know how you fared. Thanks Jo

    1. Hello Joanna & Peter,

      According to EDF’s website:

      All outstanding entitlements from this takeover are being held by the Court. You will need to contact the Court if you believe that you have an entitlement due.

      Please contact the Court in writing at the following address:

      Sandra Drummond
      Chancery Chambers
      Rolls Building
      Royal Courts of Justice
      7 Rolls Building, Fetter Lane
      London EC4A 1NL

  2. I sa thguob My account no AO223706 Certificate no Z0496663 Transfere no. A0496663. 100 ordinary shares on 22 Nd Oct. 1991 . AAnd I bought 85 ordinary shares on18 Jan 1996 with transference no of 02088344. Please can you tell me the value of these shares now ( and any more I may have as I am losing my memory and am trying to catch up on things. As I want to cash theses shares in. Yours sincerely Peter Curtis

  3. I bought some shares in Oct 1991 100 shares my account no is AO223706 my certificate no AQ45486 with a Transfered no of 02088344.

  4. I had 100 shares in London Electricity plc just like your sister. I can’t confirm anything about her shares but I can confirm that mine were compulsorily purchased in or about 1997 as per the above Companies Form No. 429(4) – Notice to non-assenting shareholders. For positive confirmation I suggest you try contacting the companies who made the offer – Morgan Stanley & Co Ltd. or UBS Limited. Hope that helps.

  5. My Sister, Mrs Betty Gridley, has a London Electricity plc share certificate for 100 shares. No.210362711 a/c no. 46170305. Can you confirm this was compulsorily purchased in or about 1997?

    Your help will be very much appreciated

    David Forge

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