News at Six Complaint, Stage 3: BBC Response 20

. I am sorry to send a disappointing response, but I do not believe your appeal should be put in front of Trustees. The BBC’s journalists and programme-makers are expected to work to a high standard; those standards are set out in the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines which underpin all BBC output. I have looked at your appeal in relation to those Guidelines. This means I have assessed if the points you have raised can be judged against the standards set down in the Guidelines.

What Labour’s 2015 Election Manifesto Won’t Be Saying

Seven years into an economic crisis that promises to return us to the dark days of the Great Depression – and just 95 days away from what could be the most crucial  General Election since the Second World War – and Ed Miliband and the Labour Party are in deep do-do. Anybody who thinks they aren’t needs to watch this brilliant … Continue reading What Labour’s 2015 Election Manifesto Won’t Be Saying