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How consumer society creates the generation war

Consumer capitalism dictates that, once basic needs such as food and shelter are met, new demands must be invented, so they can then be supplied. Otherwise production might not appear as a positive increase year-on-year. Squeezing mileage out of ageing goods slows the economy. Old is bad.

As a result, Britain is in a state of perpetual generational Cold War. The old fear the young, presuming them to be uncultivated vandals. The young despise the old, presuming them to be tedious Luddites.

Rafael Behr, The Observer, 21 November 2004

Thanks for the Memory, Brass Tacks, BBC2 (1978)

Brass Tacks
Thanks for the Memory
Radio Times
6 September 1978

Old people are increasingly treated as socially redundant and have little or no political clout. Maggie Kuhn, leader of the Grey Panther movement, explains why she believes in a militant approach to the rights of the elderly.

Maggie Kuhn: Founder of the Grey Panthers
Maggie Kuhn: Founder of the Grey Panthers

*No clips of this programme are available as the BBC wiped the tapes shortly after it was transmitted!