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30 kg plutonium missing from Sellafield nuclear plant

30 kilos of plutonium went missing from the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant in 2003/4 according to the BBC News this morning. That’s enough to make 7 atom bombs! So where did it go?

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A Calculated Risk, Brass Tacks, BBC2 (1978)

Brass Tacks
A Calculated Risk
Radio Times, 19 April 1978

Tonight Brass Tacks examines some of the calculated risks involved in the development of nuclear power.

If the predictions of the nuclear industry are correct we can look forward to limitless cheap energy, economic growth and an increasingly powerful role in world affairs. If, however, the predictions of the opponents of nuclear power are correct, there is serious cause for concern. The dangers of the creation of plutonium in large quantities in conditions of increasing world unrest are genuine and serious. We should not rely for energy supply on a process that produces such hazardous substances as plutonium unless there is no reasonable alternative.

How far do you live from a nuclear Power Station?

*First ever TV programme to enable multimedia audience participation with live local radio phone-ins nationwide.

**The only TV programme to examine the long-term health effects of increasing radiation in the environment from nuclear power and reprocessing plants.

***No clips of this programme are available as the BBC wiped the tapes shortly after it was transmitted!

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