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30 kg plutonium missing from Sellafield nuclear plant

30 kilos of plutonium went missing from the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant in 2003/4 according to the BBC News this morning. That’s enough to make 7 atom bombs! So where did it go?

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BBC copied ‘That’s Life’ format and gave it to a BBC senior executive’s girlfriend!

Bernard Braden died 9 years ago having never fully recovered from the injustice that overshadowed his career, when the BBC dropped his programme, Braden’s Week, and replaced it with a copy: That’s Life.

The fact that it was presented by the then unknown Esther Rantzen, who had been Braden’s junior researcher, and was later discovered to be the girlfriend of a BBC production executive, Desmond Wilcox, added insult to injury.

Barbara Kelly, Daily Mail Supplement, 25 May 2002

Diversity at the BBC means acting and thinking like them

Two of my colleagues at the BBC have regional accents and are very experienced, yet they are constantly asked: ‘Which university did you go to?’ There is this unspoken reality that, although I look different from you, I must act, think and speak the same as you, which is then promoted as diversity.

Unnamed BBC Journalist, The Guardian, 13 May 2002

Television companies steal ideas

It’s an open secret that if you’re an independent producer and you go to see the BBC or C4 with an idea there’s as much chance of you making that idea as somebody else.

It’s a lunch cartel. You go in and pitch an idea to someone, then they go out for lunch with some mate and say, ‘You know what. This guy came in with this rather good idea, what do you think about it?’ and their mate will say ‘Yeah, that’s good,’ and they’ll go away and add a couple of bells and whistles.

Charlie Parsons, Co-Founder Planet 24, The Guardian, 14 May 2001