Sunday roast drug threat

by Patrick O’Neill
Daily Mail, 1 May 1979

A BLACK market operation providing drugs for factory farms could be a danger to health.

This is just one of the claims to be made in a controversial TV documentary next week.

It traces links between the use of antibiotics in farm animals and the increase in food poisoning among humans.

The first is a new series of the BBC’s Brass Tacks programme investigates the increase in factory farming in Britain and links it with major public health dangers in the future.

The programme deals with controls over Britain’s animal drug industry, which it claims is officially running at £20 million a year with a further £500,000 worth of drugs sold on the black market.

‘This massive use of drugs is acceptable as long as there are sufficient controls by the experts whose job it is to see that we have safe food,’ said Brass Tacks editor Roger Laughton.

The problem now is that diseases like salmonella, typhoid and meningitis are developing strains resistant to antibiotics used in animals.

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