Jeremy Paxman, Russell Brand, Newsnight Interview

Don’t worry about Russell Brand, worry about Jeremy Paxman

Watching Jeremy Paxman interview Russell Brand last night my first thought was that Paxman has way too much of that laconic Oxbridge arrogance the BBC thinks made Britain great, and Brand has way too much of that street-smart  wit and charisma the BBC posh boys really hate.

But the more I thought about it “in my nut today” the more I agreed with The Artist Taxi Driver when he said: “Listen to what Paxman’s saying. You can’t change things. This is how things are.”

“Jeremy Paxman is like the voice of the entire centre ground of the country, which is virtually everyone bar f****ng extremists.

Every single person is in some way attached to the centre ground. And it’s always that struggle that you think – well – you can’t change, you can’t make a difference. And that was the message that Paxman was bringing to the interview.

You can’t make a difference, but the least you can do is offer a resistance. And that’s the message you’ve got to send back when those f***ers say you can’t do things, you can’t change things. Because what they want is someone to stick their head up and then they shoot it off. Bang!

That’s what Paxman’s about. He’s about scaring people. He’s about saying things [like] you should be grateful for what you’ve got. You should be happy that you’re working. It might not be a job, but you’re out there 40 hours a f*****n day licking up the floor.

You have to listen to the messages of the media. “

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