President Obama, Mexico, Feb 2014

What’s really going on in Ukraine?

Of all the coverage of the Ukraine situation we’ve seen so far, this report from Democracy Now makes the most sense:

It features a leaked phone conversation between top American State Department official, Victoria Nuland, and America’s Ambassador in Kiev which, according to Stephen Cohen, Professor of Russian Studies and Politics at New York and Princeton Universities, shows that the Obama administration plotted “a coup d’etat against the elected President of the Ukraine!”

WTF!!! That’s pretty important information which puts President Putin’s response in a completely different light.

As Prof Cohen says:

If, in Washington, people throwing Molotov Cocktails are marching on Congress – if these people barricaded the entrance to the White House and are throwing rocks at the White House Security Guard – would President Obama withdraw his security forces?

You’d think this would be central to any reporting of the issue, so why isn’t it?

Let’s ask ourselves this: Who precipitated this crisis? The American media says it was Putin and a very bad, though democratically elected, President of the Ukraine, Yanukovych. But it was the European Union backed by Washington that said, in November, to the democratically elected President of a profoundly divided country , Ukraine: “You must choose between Europe and Russia.”

That was an ultimatum to Yanukovych. What did the much despised Putin say? He said “Why? Why does Ukraine have to choose.? We are prepared to help Ukraine avoid economic collapse along with you, the West. Let’s make it a tripartite package to Ukraine.”

And it was rejected in Washington and in Brussels. That precipitated the protests in the streets. And since then the same dynamic that any of us who have  ever witnessed these kinds of struggles in the streets, unfolded, as extremists have taken control from the so-called moderate Ukrainian leaders.

For those who don’t know much about the history of eastern Europe, “extremists” in this case doesn’t mean your average everyday nut jobs. It means a bunch of hard-core neo-Nazis who worship Adolph Hitler and have spent the past 70 years plotting the return of the Third Reich!

Responding to President Obama’s condemnation of Putin’s actions, Prof Cohen says:

Shame! Shame!  Do you know what this does? It rationalizes what the killers in the streets are doing. It gives them Western licence. Because he’s not saying to the people in the streets: “Stop this! Stop shooting policemen. Stop attacking government buildings. Sit down and talk.”

President Obama, Mexico, Feb 2014
President Obama, Mexico, Feb 2014

So what Obama needs to say is that we deplore what the people in the streets are doing when they attack the police – the law enforcers. And we also don’t like the people who are writing on buildings “Jews Live Here”.

So, according to the Professor of Russian Studies and Politics at New York and Princeton Universities, America, Europe and the UK plotted a Nazi takeover of a democratically elected government and are now threatening retaliatory action against the only country that is opposing it: Russia.

Which could start a new Cold War…

Which could easily turn into World War III…

That’s something the BBC ought to have told us, don’t you think?

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