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Sunday roast drug threat

by Patrick O’Neill
Daily Mail, 1 May 1979

A BLACK market operation providing drugs for factory farms could be a danger to health.

This is just one of the claims to be made in a controversial TV documentary next week.

It traces links between the use of antibiotics in farm animals and the increase in food poisoning among humans.

The first is a new series of the BBC’s Brass Tacks programme investigates the increase in factory farming in Britain and links it with major public health dangers in the future.

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Protest at drugs ‘scare’

Agricultural Correspondent
Sunday Telegraph, 29 April 1979

The National Farmers’ Union is preparing to send a strongly-worded letter of protest to Mr Ian Threthowan, director general of the BBC, about a forthcoming television programme which will claim that people may be harmed by eating meat from cattle, pigs and poultry which have been treated by veterinary drugs.

Other objections have been made by representatives of Britain’s farm vets, butchers and meat wholesalers who fear that a “Brass Tacks” programme due to be screened on BBC2 on May 8 will unjustifiably scare the public into buying less meat.

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Schoolboy hope to bleak resignation

Sean Day-Lewis
The Times
10 March 1979

The once popular adult cliché about schooltime as the happiest days of your life was always sadly defeatist: they are slow days but a fleeting time when placed in the three-score-years-and-ten allotted at least to Mrs Average.

That the old saying can sometimes contain an element of truth was poignantly illuminated last night with BBC-2‘s Paradise Lost.

This vivid opener of “City,” a six-part series from BBC Manchester which will illustrate various aspects of inner-city decay, was carefully photographed and edited to establish the maximum contrast between smiling hope at the beginning of the ‘teens and bleak resignation at the end of them.

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Paradise Lost, City, BBC2 (1979)

8.0 New Series
Paradise Lost
Radio Times
9 March 1979

Six films about inner cities now – seen through the eyes of those who live and work in them.

Chapeltown in Leeds. Back-to-back housing, high unemployment and low morale; a multi-racial, often violent, example of urban decay. A group of enthusiastic 12-year olds, encouraged and guided by dedicated teacher Nadine Senior, is preparing for the school’s Christmas production, this year Milton’s Paradise Lost/

Thanks for the Memory, Brass Tacks, BBC2 (1978)

Brass Tacks
Thanks for the Memory
Radio Times
6 September 1978

Old people are increasingly treated as socially redundant and have little or no political clout. Maggie Kuhn, leader of the Grey Panther movement, explains why she believes in a militant approach to the rights of the elderly.

Maggie Kuhn: Founder of the Grey Panthers
Maggie Kuhn: Founder of the Grey Panthers

*No clips of this programme are available as the BBC wiped the tapes shortly after it was transmitted!

A Calculated Risk, Brass Tacks, BBC2 (1978)

Brass Tacks
A Calculated Risk
Radio Times, 19 April 1978

Tonight Brass Tacks examines some of the calculated risks involved in the development of nuclear power.

If the predictions of the nuclear industry are correct we can look forward to limitless cheap energy, economic growth and an increasingly powerful role in world affairs. If, however, the predictions of the opponents of nuclear power are correct, there is serious cause for concern. The dangers of the creation of plutonium in large quantities in conditions of increasing world unrest are genuine and serious. We should not rely for energy supply on a process that produces such hazardous substances as plutonium unless there is no reasonable alternative.

How far do you live from a nuclear Power Station?

*First ever TV programme to enable multimedia audience participation with live local radio phone-ins nationwide.

**The only TV programme to examine the long-term health effects of increasing radiation in the environment from nuclear power and reprocessing plants.

***No clips of this programme are available as the BBC wiped the tapes shortly after it was transmitted!

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